T7 - 115cm
  • 最高規格之設計,提供胡桃木/楓木專貴型號選擇
  • 桌面高度56cm至128cm,無論用家是兒童或成人,坐著還是站著均完美適合
  • 全電動調教高度,雙摩打設計,盡顯德國工藝水平
  • 特設雙手開關設計,防止幼兒誤用,安全可靠
  • 提供兩款濶度(115/150cm)以配合不同用家需要
  • 德國製造,五年售後保養服務
  • Weather desktop, office desk, coffee table or standing desk the moll T7 is ready for all situations. Uniquely variable from 56 - 118 cm due to its electromotive height adjustment. And yet perfectly reduced: to first-class design, high-quality materials and flawless workmanship. Interchangeable color and real wood panels make the T7 a lifelong design icon.
  • Accessories included
    • Power management, Drawer
  • Material: 
    • Desktop: Melamine resin-coated wood-based panel
    • Panel and drawer: Molded plywood with oilded solid wood surface
    • Lge: Sturdy and powder-coated steel tube
  • Size: W115 x D75 x H56-118cm
  • 德國製造,五年售後保養服務
  • Made in Germany with 5 years warranty
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HK$ 29880
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